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The starting point with any home automation system is the lighting control system. It becomes even more important as energy cost rise. Lights can be controlled automatically in several ways; by astrological clocks that track sunrise and sunset, light sensors in the rooms that detect actual light levels, hidden door switches, motion detectors or occupancy sensors. Lights can be activated though sensors attached to your security system. You can turn off all the lights in the lower level by pushing one button. When you arrive home the pathway into the home automatically lights up for you.

A car pulling into the driveway can trigger certain landscape lights welcoming your guests. We can provide special lighting for artwork and outdoor landscape lighting. The options are endless. Lighting systems can also save you money. They can automatically turn off lights when the kids don’t. Smart dimmers that use only as much light as is needed at that time. We save you money by doubling the life of the bulbs you are using and have no noticeable difference in light. One third of your energy costs are spent in lighting, it
is time you control it.